Executives who are married to their job are usually unavailable when it comes to establishing or investing emotional connections with other people. Psychologists believe that being uptight at work is a mask to hide layers of anxieties, insecurities and personal issues. This being said, there are also workaholics who are dedicated to their jobs. One would think of who’s on “drugs” when they see these executives working their asses off, but in reality, work is their drugs. For instance, workaholic executives in Hong Kong are burning too much midnight oil. Accor’s report shows that 14 percent of executives in the area work even in their hotel rooms, from midnight until sunrise. On the other hand, 52 percent of the top executives in the city keep their noses to the grindstone up ’til midnight.

Uptight Executives Needing Relief

Working too much comes with a serious amount of pressure and stress. However, successful company executives prove that hard work does pay off. For example, Maria Das Gracas Silva Foster’s work ethic landed her big roles in Petrobras’ organizational structure. Her being the company’s chief wasn’t handed to her on a silver platter. It took a lot of working hours, training and dedication in what she achieved today.

But how can uptight executives de-stress from the crazy corporate world? One of the simple things they can do is doing some stretches. They can run, cycle or use the elliptical machine to energize their bodies. Doing some yoga for at least 20 minutes can also do wonders. In this short amount of time, executives can ease tension by filling their bodies with oxygen. Not only does it calms the mind, but also the body.

Sex and Stress

Some also feel like de-stressing by spending their nights with professional sex workers. Studies show that sex is one of the best ways of giving your body, mind and soul a boost. A mind-blowing sex improves our mood, lowers our blood pressure and induces the release of endorphins.

A life that is full of work, but lacks play is certainly depressing. Booking a prostitute for a massage, company or dalliance can really lift one’s spirit. Every time we feel that our work is wearing us down, we should remind ourselves why we are doing it. At the end of the day, it is what we reap that we will sow.

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